April 19th and 20th, 2018 at York University

What does it mean for Canada to be on the edge? Is it on the leading edge? Or is it falling off the edge? The conference will examine the idea of and dialogue surrounding Canada as a global leader (or not) and its role and participation in a radically changed globalized nation, where colonialism, migration, and transnationalism play an important role, both historically and presently. The Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies welcomes exploration of these topics from multiple and competing perspectives at its annual conference taking place on April 19th and 20th, 2018 at York University in Toronto. We solicit papers that engage with this theme from a myriad of approaches, disciplines, perspectives and lenses.

Graduate student at both the MA and PhD level are invited to submit proposals for presentations that examine the question of Canada on the Edge. The goal of this two-day conference is to provide an opportunity for graduate students to experience a professional style conference in a supportive environment. We thus encourage students from a wide variety of disciplines and from across institutions to interpret this question broadly. Potential topics may include, but are certainly not limited to, the legacies, experiences, or expressions of Canadians whose social locations vary on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, Indigeneity, ability, socioeconomic status, region, migration, status and difference. Papers on topics that explore the theme of Canada on the edge will also be considered (ex. as global leader in areas of climate change, foreign policy, international relations,  development studies, literature, culture and communication studies and more!). Papers on other related topics will also be considered. Reimbursement of some travel costs will be made available for students attending the entire conference from outside of the Greater Toronto Area.